Jom Apply Time fibre package Malaysia

Upgrade to Jom Apply Time fibre Package Malaysia Today!

Are you considering upgrading your internet services to a better and decent one? Perhaps your previous internet services were not satisfactory, or maybe you want to give another internet service a chance? Well, look no further, because you can try checking out Jom Apply Time fibre package Malaysia to survey the internet package of your choice!

 Jom Apply Time fibre package Malaysia

Why Time?

Unlike other internet service packages, Time considers itself to be an enterprise-grade network. What this means is, that Time ensures that the internet services provided are able to connect consumers smoothly online, and to provide optimum quality as possible. 

Time also focuses on comprehensive customer support, which deals with inquiries and problems faced by consumers. With such comprehensive customer support, not only will customers be able to get their internet services solved, or inquiries answered by the customer service team, but Time will also benefit from preserving optimum services to their consumers and partnerships. 

Last but not least, we cannot forget the fast and reliable connectivity provided by Time. You certainly do not have to worry about interference in your internet services when doing work as Time always ensure the best for its consumers. Time also make sure that you are able to achieve balance, which is convenience in using the internet services for both settings, be it in a casual setting or for business. 

There are two packages that consumers can choose from The Home or Business package. Let’s look at the Home package first, shall we?

Time Basic: Basic Internet

Of course, similar to other internet services, Time also provides a basic internet package under the home category. However, Time Basic differs from Unifi Basic Internet, in the sense that Time provides 100GB of Time Bizcloud storage, 2 Voice Lines, 2 Dect Phones and 1 Wireless AC Dual Band Router. Other than that, Time Basic also include a Dynamic IP and an Optical Network Unit (ONU). 

All this inclusion for only RM89 monthly! With internet speed as fast as 100Mbps, you definitely won’t have to worry about buffering when watching movies or TV Shows with family and friends. Therefore, Time Basic: Basic Internet is one of the best choices for casual activities taking place at home, or if you’re starting and doing work from home. 

Business Package 

For Time Business Package, there are two categories, which are the retail edition and the office edition. For the retail edition, you can choose between two speeds: 100Mbps or 300Mbps. 

Retail Edition

With the 100Mbps internet speed under the retail edition, you will have a contract of 24 months when subscribing to that internet service. With the 24 months contract, you will also receive free 100GB Time Bizcloud Storage, similar to the Time Basic Internet package plan. The 100Mbps internet speed for the retail edition also includes a Dynamic IP, 2 Voice Lines and 2 Single Line Phones. All this for RM138 monthly, which has been reduced from RM188 previously!

The same goes with the 300Mbps internet speed. You will also get a contract for 24 months, a dynamic IP and free 100GB Time Bizcloud storage, however, for this 300Mbps package, you will receive 2 Voice Lines without 2 Single Line Phones like the 100Mbps package. 

So, if you’re a retail business owner, you can consider choosing between these two choices for optimum business flow.

Office Edition

Next, is the office edition under the Time business package. The office edition provides 2 Voice Lines, 2 Dect Phones and free 500 minutes of Voice Calls. With 100Mbps internet speed, you can get the office edition for RM218 per month, and you will also be tied to a 24-monthly contract, receive a dynamic IP and free 100GB Time Bizcloud storage. Therefore, if you own office space and are in need of internet services for your business, you can opt for this office edition instead. 

Jom Apply Time fibre package Malaysia

And there you have it! Two internet services packages to choose from, either the Home or Business package and you can also choose which edition you want best under the Business package. Getting quality internet services not only increases productivity in work, but it is also convenient to be able to run your business according to plan or to spend quality time with family and friends without any interruptions.