Hospital Insurance Policy Benefits

Insurance Policy is the signing of a written cooperation agreement between the two parties, namely the Insurance Provider Company and the customer of the Policy Holder. Health insurance is a financial product that is already quite familiar to the world community. Health insurance itself is a type of insurance protection that covers medical, surgical, drug, and similar costs for the insured or policy holder. This insurance can cover medical expenses due to illness or injury, as well as pay for medical treatment costs directly. Clarity in the insurance policy is important, so it is necessary to looking for renewable hospital income insurance policy Malaysia.

The presence of an insurance policy is called important because its role is able to protect every right and obligation of insurance service customers and the insurance party from losses. As an illustration, the policy can be used as written evidence of the guarantee for various risks and compensation that may occur to the insured written in the policy, besides that the policy can also be used as proof of premium payment given to the insurance service company. Then the policy can also be used as authentic evidence to sue the insurer if one day there is negligence in fulfilling the guarantee that is the customer’s concern. To illustrate this, Health insurance policy is a health insurance for customers who need treatment such as outpatient or inpatient treatment. This health insurance policy will usually provide an estimate of the treatment costs they can bear when the customer undergoes medical treatment.

Besides having health insurance, why is it important? This is because the policy is considered to be able to ease the burden of thoughts and finances when we are sick. Imagine having to stress about the cost of treatment when we are physically weak. What exists is that the healing process will be longer, and the cost of treatment will actually swell and get worse.

In general, an insurance policy contains several things

  • The period of validity of insurance coverage.
  • The risks are borne by the insurance company.
  • What benefits are promised.
  • Method of payment, grace period due, and the period recognized as the time of receipt of premium.
  • The exchange rate and currency used if the claim or premium payment is made does not use rupiah.
  • Policies and consequences if premium payments are past due.
  • Calculation of dividends and cash value if required.
  • A clause used when the company, participant, policyholder, or the insured wants to terminate the coverage, including the causes and conditions.
  • Procedure for filing a claim, supporting evidence, and conditions.
  • Payment and claim settlement steps.
  • Clauses regarding dispute resolution, contain jurisdiction and mechanisms inside and outside the court.

In short, an insurance policy is a written agreement deed between the company and the customer who uses the service. The existence of this policy is important, considering all the rights and obligations of both parties are contained in it. When a customer registers for an insurance product, you will get a policy number, which is a unique code as legal and valid proof of the customer’s participation as the insured. This number becomes your identity when making a claim and verification.